Three years later

Author: Pernicious Pariah

… about three years … later … suddenly silence. I wake up, wearing my shoes and clothes, my pad still holding in my hands. I hold the breath for a few seconds and wait if the sound of  hundreds of Scourge Heavy Missiles hitting the stations cloning and fitting services will return.

I quickly risk a look at my pad. Only 67 pilots are reported to be in system – that can’t be the hostile fleet anymore who has been sieging the system and especially this station for more than eight hours now. Outside of my apartment I hear people running and hectically speaking. Continue reading ‘Three years later’


New orders

Author: Barachan Otaared 

Just a short notice: Yeaha – today was a awesome day! I was on my way back to my apartment, after my theory lesson in the afternoon was over and suddenly my pad started to blink. Three new mails in my inbox. I opened the door to my apartment, connected my pad to my home-system, jumped on my bed an activated the lovely voice of my ‘personal digital assistance’.

I listened to the voice, which was reading the mails and I was pleased with this good news. My corporation announced three upcoming big fleet operations within the next week. Let’s get ready to rumble …

In the line of fire

Author: Charlotte Otaared

After I had decided to leave Amarr, I connected to the stations mainframe and sent out the order to get my shuttle ready for undocking. After that I changed my passwords for all the hangars we have rented for our business, canceled all my outstanding contracts, deleted my buy-orders from the market and then went over to the cabins at the docking bay, where you get yourself ready for the pod.

I got my pod-suite dressed and took my emergency-bag out of my personal locker. In this bag I have everything needed for an emergency escape – Barachan forced me to pack this bag before he left to low-sec. When he told me to do that, I thought this was an silly and paranoidal idea – because I am not in war with anybody – I don’t kill people and I am not a threat to anybody …. so I don’t have any real enemies … but maybe I underestimated the situation.

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One day in the pilot training center of Fihrneh

Author: Barachan Otaared

This station makes me sick. I am in Fihrneh now for more than two days without undocking – and not to be in space is pretty unfamiliar for me, since I am here in low-sec. Sometimes I even presume that it has physical effects to my body, if I haven’t seen my capsule from the inside for longer than 48 hours.

My decision to learn how to fly an interceptor cost me a lot of time right now and therefore keeps me so busy, that I can’t join any gang or corp operation right now. I am really sorry for that and hope, that I can support my corp again on the weekend, where I will have a bit more time and don’t need to attend my classes in the afternoon.

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The strange Scout

Author: Charlotte Otaared

It really has been stressful the last 48 hours. I couldn’t sleep due to the fact, that the market has been very volatile the last days and I am to ambitious to miss low prices. So I have been buying and adjusting buy-orders all the time between my appointments with haulers, industrialists and directors of corporations who are interested in our services.

I am kind of old fashioned when it comes to business. I could sit all day in my office, or could fly around in a nice ship and do everything I need to do via the market and contract system. but I like to meet people with whom I do business and I’ve programmed me a alert-system, that notices me if any of my business partners enter the Amarr system.

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The pleasure of speed

Author: Barachan Otaared

I am on a boring and more or less safe courier mission right now for The Scope. Always a good time to write a view sentences for my diary between warping from one stargate to another one.

I programmed my board computer in a way, that during warp I can sit in the back part of my cockpit to do some research on the market, to check some mails and transactions, watch the newest Scope shows or even, as I do it right now, write in my personal blog.

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Lonely but exciting days in Amarr

Author: Charlotte Otaared

Barachan went down to Aridia now about five weeks ago … I used the first week, to get comfortable with the situation and even with this huge and lively station full of haulers, traders and all kinds of other pilots – and I’ve now got me a nice apartment in this second largest trade-hub after Jita, because I assume I will stay here for a longer period of time. I really love my apartment and it helps me to get comfortable with my overall situation – not only because it is quite comfortable and spacious, but even more because its windows.

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About Otaared’s Eve

Charlotte and Barachan are a married couple living in Eve. On this blog they write a diary about what they experience as two people who start exploring the possibilities and threads of Eve.