Lonely but exciting days in Amarr

Author: Charlotte Otaared

Barachan went down to Aridia now about five weeks ago … I used the first week, to get comfortable with the situation and even with this huge and lively station full of haulers, traders and all kinds of other pilots – and I’ve now got me a nice apartment in this second largest trade-hub after Jita, because I assume I will stay here for a longer period of time. I really love my apartment and it helps me to get comfortable with my overall situation – not only because it is quite comfortable and spacious, but even more because its windows.

The perfect view

When I wake up in the morning the first thing I do is to activate my windows and then I see it: the in- and outgoing traffic of industrials, transports, freighters and carriers. Never ending Interon Mark Vs, from the war heavily afflicted Bustards and from time to time I see a elegant and noble Providence – It’s amazing to watch them approaching the station and how the undocked ships appear under my window, aligning for a stargate and then warp out for a uncertain journey.

Every ship has its own story, his own role, his hidden cargo and their pilots are most of the time the experienced pilots the universe has to offer – and this stream of goods and money never stops and is always there – 24/7 – and this stream is the heartbeat on which the business Barachan and I started relies on: Trading

The daily routine

The first thing I need to do – usually in the early morning hours about 4am – is to check how the prices have developed in the last 4 hours, while I was sleeping. During the day I adjust my buy and sell orders every hour and especially every time before I go to bed. I am always on the run to get the best price available on the market and sometimes this hunting for prices has aspects of a war, how it takes place down there in 0.0 – on the markets you are also against others, and you use all the ‘weapons’ you can afford.

You engage them, with decreasing or increasing your prices. You get them under pressure, when you throw tons of stuff for a cheap price on the market and you can take them totally out of business if you get intel about their haulers – to headhunt them, or to contract a pirate corp, which will disturb they trading route and blow up everything they have.

At the moment we are researching the market again. After we have grown our wealth quite a lot with trading and hauling minerals, we decided to leave that high risk and volatile market to invest in something new … and maybe in something even more profitable. In the early beginning – during our time at the university, where we’ve first met us – Barachan got a credit from a good friend to get started. Now, a few months later, we paid all that money back and increased our reputation and creditworthiness a lot, so that we are now able to invest billions of ISK in the market.

And that billions need to be invested reasonably – and like in a big campaign on the battlefield you have to do your homework on investing money as well – and sometimes it needs months of preparation to get a new traderoute going or a big deal taking place.

Allright – enough diary for today. I will now have to check my contracts … at the moment we have a lot to do for ambitious haulers … and Amarr is a place, where they are looking for opportunities and ISKs.


3 Responses to “Lonely but exciting days in Amarr”

  1. 1 Thargat January 27, 2008 at 9:21 pm

    Awesome blog. Put in som more details (lie if you have to) and it’ll be even better.

    Will visit againg, may bring caps.

  2. 2 otaaredseve January 28, 2008 at 2:02 pm

    Thanks for your comment Thargat – yeah I will maybe lie a little bit more, to make it more intereseting 😉 Hope you like the newest post.

  3. 3 General Vordon January 28, 2008 at 9:55 pm

    Hehe. She misses you barachan 😛

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About Otaared’s Eve

Charlotte and Barachan are a married couple living in Eve. On this blog they write a diary about what they experience as two people who start exploring the possibilities and threads of Eve.


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