The pleasure of speed

Author: Barachan Otaared

I am on a boring and more or less safe courier mission right now for The Scope. Always a good time to write a view sentences for my diary between warping from one stargate to another one.

I programmed my board computer in a way, that during warp I can sit in the back part of my cockpit to do some research on the market, to check some mails and transactions, watch the newest Scope shows or even, as I do it right now, write in my personal blog.

*ah – there is a stargate – damn I can’t reach the control panel from here to jump*

In my sight I’ve always my security pad, which shows a condensed view of my overview, local and scanner. Suddenly appearing pilots in local get always my attention. Checking the special “travel”-overview and – depending on the situation – using my scanners as well are a pretty good habit, which I have trained the first weeks of my Low-Sec Adventure.

During my first days in low-sec I felt pretty insecure. I lost bout 5 ships within 5 days and if somebody would have wanted to find a hostile gate-camp, he would only have had to follow me … I was so lucky to “find” them all – but then – a few weeks later I realized what I needed, to be much more secure.

I needed more speed. Let me say it this way: “I am a speed junky now”. After I’ve graduated the University of Caille I wanted to follow the tradition of my family and started hauling for money and learned to fly industrial ships. And as any industrial pilot know: while you align for warp to a stargate you can easily make yourself a coffee, smoke a cigarette and look outside the window and start counting the asteroid-betls, while everybody else is warping out more or less instantly.

*oh wait a minute – I reached the stargate – jump and align to next stargate … warp*

In high-sec it’s not a big deal to be slowly and it can be a nice way to travel if you have the time or need something to do on the market or whatever. But in low-sec it’s anything else than nice: it will bring you directly into your pod. I’ve made the mistake twice in the past and jumped during my early days in a low-sec system with my industrial – “ok – only one jump” – to increase my profit I could make with a cargohold full of minerals. But this two ” only one jump” cost me a few hundred million ISK.

About one week ago I was sitting next to a pilot I haven’t seen before in the casino of the Yiratal station. He was a bragger and told everybody what a great pilot he is and how many battleships he has blown up so far and that his homesystem is down in 0.0 and that he’s only here to visit some good old friends in Balas. And then he started telling us, that a really good pilot needs no tank – that he can fly faster than 10.000 m/s and that he can escape every gatecamp. I haven’t believed him anything …

*oh – just a second – need to jump again*

And he talked about “Balas” – that was and is still a no-go-system for us in Ombil, cause it’s the homesystem of a corp which is still not blue to our alliance and tries to gank our pilots as often as possible. I couldn’t continue to listen to his unbelievable stories and decided to go over to the ship hangars.

It was one of these days where again two carrier pilots and a pretty fast tackler from Balas camped the Yiratal station so that everybody who wanted to leave will wake up in his clone or – if he’s lucky – can dock again (in his pod). We couldn’t go anywhere these day … in the background I could see my Myrmidon and all over the giant hangar there have been a lot of other ships.

I still don’t know them all and always need to check my information system, what kind of ships they are, what strength and weaknisses they have, what weapon systems they will fit and so on. That’s the reason why I like to go to the ships hangars: I still need to learn a lot about other ship-types to become a better combat pilot.

And then I saw this pilot again, who has been in the casino before, boarding his ship. And it was a small ship – a really small ship.It looked like a frigate, but something was different … it looked much more advanced. I immediately did a search on that ship and find out, that it was an Interceptor.

I have heard about that kind of ship before, but haven’t payed any attention to it … because it was so small. To this time I still believed: “Bigger is Better” and the ship class I liked the most have been of course: Battleships.

*ah – approach stargate – one second – and jump*

While I was reading all the details about an interceptor I suddenly recognized that the pilot started to undock in his interceptor. I thought that he was crazy and that he will die or come back in about two minutes. And therefore I waited – watched how he undocked and was sure, that I will see him coming in again in few minutes. And I hoped he will be in his pod this – bragger

But he didn’t came back. I was sure he has been blown up and podded and therefore will now be dozens of jump back again in 0.0 “Haha – you friends in Balas will have to wait”. I stopped thinking about him and went back to my Myrmidon to get some office work done.

I checked the market and then went through my transactions. I had sold goods worth a few hundred million ISK again and then I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. To promote the new business, Charlotte and I have started, I send a mail to every new customer who buys something from us on the market in Fihrneh, to say “thank you” and to promote our new service. I’ve done it to the first three new names on the transactions list – and then the fourth … it was the name of the Interceptor pilot. He bought something in Fihrneh – just five minutes ago.

*damn – jump and warp to next stargate within 0*

I couldn’t believe it – he has made his way out of the station. Has the camping stopped? I activated all the intel channels I have access to and even the “Concord Warning System” I have subscribed told me, that there have been ten pilots podded within the last hour in Yiratal.

What has he said? Above 10.000 m/s? When this was true I can understand how he could make it out of the station … I checked again the description of the Interceptor in which I have seen him in. 475 m/s … how could he go 10.000 m/s? What kind of modules did he use, that he can reach such a high speed? What skills has he trained to fly this ship that fast?

I stopped my work and started some research on the market. If there is something, what makes him such fast, I will find it here. And after a few hours of reading module descriptions I knew a lot more. Microwarpdrive, Overdrive Injector Systems, Stabilizers, Acceleration Control, Navigation … man there are a lot of possibilities to increase speed of every ship in general.

This new knowledge really was a blast for me and changed how I see the world of spaceships. I leaved my ship, went over to the “Traders Coffee Shop”, orderd me a extra strong coffee and started readign articles about Interceptors. I was awake for about 48 hours to read everything I could find about speed, interceptors and why you don’t need a tank if you are fast enough … the pilot was right – he hasn’t told us fairytales in the casino. He told us the truth.

That’s now about one week ago. And now I am sitting here in the back part of my T1 frigates cockpit, which is already able to fly above 3.000 m/sec.

*oh – just a second – need to jump and warp again*

Before this event in Yiratal I have been training all kinds of skills to become a better Battlecruiser pilot. I trained Drones, different kind of tank skills and I planned to go for my gunnery education next. My corp told me that I would need at least a BC down in Aridia and that the best thing is, that I train first every skill in a way, that I can fly my Myrmidon properly and that I can do about 300-400 DPS with it and can fit all the T2 tanking stuff.

But I was so impressed and addicted by this whole speed thing, that I stopped training gunneries and I started to invest my spare training time in everything which brings me speed. I can now use T2 MWDs, have every speed increasing skill to at least IV and at the end of next week I can fly an Ares – one of the two Gallente Interceptors.

Charlotte has already bought me a few Ares in Amarr and send them down to Fihrneh yesterday. I put a few on them on the market and two of them are still packaged and wait for me to get assembled. I reall can’t await to sit in one of those.

*oh – just a second – need to jump again. oh WTF … a gatecamp. Stay calm Bara … now it’s time for the Autpilot-Stargate-Reapproach-Trick – that should even work with 3.000 m/s*


6 Responses to “The pleasure of speed”

  1. 1 General Vordon January 28, 2008 at 10:01 pm

    Interesting, but i dont think even he can kill battleships with an interceptor. Probably annoy the pilot to hell but not destroy it. Keep up the good work, i like stories 😀

  2. 2 SuperSarge January 28, 2008 at 11:46 pm

    It could probably kill battleships ratting, love the blog so far keep it up 🙂

  3. 3 otaaredseve January 29, 2008 at 4:39 am

    Yeah I guess when he told us in the casino, that he has killed a lot of battleships so far, that he didn’t mean “with an interceptor”, but more in general 😉

  4. 4 General Vordon January 30, 2008 at 3:44 am

    Ah i remember a good story. A pirate, nasty pirate i mean, blew up my first destroyer! From then on was the day i listened to my ship crew because they begged me not to bring them into 0.4 space (they were recently promoted cadets and a few ‘old fart’ veterans. They all died that day and i can’t forgive myself for that. Lost one of my best friends that day too! his name was Derek….he was my second in command to take over me in my pod if something where to go…uh…wrong. T.T

  5. 5 General Vordon January 30, 2008 at 3:44 am

    ^ that was a little story of mine 🙂 hope you dont mind bara but i didnt want to create a blog just for that 🙂

  6. 6 Serotta January 30, 2008 at 1:46 pm

    I hate nano-ships 🙂

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