One day in the pilot training center of Fihrneh

Author: Barachan Otaared

This station makes me sick. I am in Fihrneh now for more than two days without undocking – and not to be in space is pretty unfamiliar for me, since I am here in low-sec. Sometimes I even presume that it has physical effects to my body, if I haven’t seen my capsule from the inside for longer than 48 hours.

My decision to learn how to fly an interceptor cost me a lot of time right now and therefore keeps me so busy, that I can’t join any gang or corp operation right now. I am really sorry for that and hope, that I can support my corp again on the weekend, where I will have a bit more time and don’t need to attend my classes in the afternoon.

It’s not only about flying a ship

Everyday I stand up in the early morning hours, I first connect my pad for a short time to the stations mainframe to check the market and then I rush down to the “pilot training center”, which is located next to the docking bay, to start with my practice lessons.

We are a group of about twenty people right now, who wanna reach the highest level in flying gallentean frigates. Most of them want to go for stealth bombers after it, because they see there a big damage (and therefore fun) potential – one guy wants to learn how to fly one of this new ew-frigates and only two pilots – including myself – are interested in interceptors in the next steps.

Everyone of us has a lot of experience with flying frigates and therefore practice lessons in the moment doesn’t mean to undock and train to fly these ships – its much more about understanding every detail of them – in terms of electronics, engineering and mechanics – and I have to admit, that these three fields are my big strengths. I love to think how everything works and can spend hours with making plans of how to improve thinks by modifying them manually.

All of this high-advanced T2 frigates are pretty complicated in the way they work and they are build upon existing T1 versions. So we really need to know every detail of the basic frigates (at the moment I would guess I could even build one) and need to have the knowledge why our frigate does what, which detail is what good for, what would happen, if you modify this and that and how all the modules available on the market affect this – and it can get pretty complicated and I agree on my mates who claim that you don’t really need to know this details essentially … but you never know …

My daily routine in the moment look something like this: in the afternoon, we learn the theory in our classroom – in the evening we all go through the stuff we’ve heard again on our own and have holograms of the different gallentean frigates with us to better understand about what we have talked in the afternoon – and in the next morning we visit the schools ship hangar and look at the frigates in real. We fit different modules, get our hands dirty and really experience what the theory mean to us.

Today was pretty exciting to me, because we talked about propulsion modules. I have fitted different kind of named overdrive injectors and stabilizers and it was pretty amazing to see, how that all works together and why it is important to find the right mix between speed, agility and mass modifications.

But there are still eight days of learning left and I am really happy if that will be over – not why it don’t interest me … it’s more that I miss to be in space within my capsule, scanning and engaging hostiles.

And I honestly can’t await to be able to fly my first Ares.


3 Responses to “One day in the pilot training center of Fihrneh”

  1. 1 Serenity Steele January 30, 2008 at 1:51 pm

    Great blog Barachan. I really like the in-character nature of your writing without the laboured text that can be RP.

    Easy and Interesting read!

    So tell some more about life in low-sec Aridia!


  2. 2 General Vordon January 30, 2008 at 10:09 pm

    heh heh. im still in the tech one stuff and thats kinda complicated. Do the instructors yell at you like they say in the tech 1 classes? (ps im working on my learning skills right now and the instructors and classes are REALLY boring. All of these memory excersises make my head spin!) Hey barachan, youve gotta tell me what it feels like to be going 2-10k m/s in an inti when you get one 😉

  3. 3 Kjurai January 31, 2008 at 2:35 pm

    Nice Blog, keep it going!

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