Three years later

Author: Pernicious Pariah

… about three years … later … suddenly silence. I wake up, wearing my shoes and clothes, my pad still holding in my hands. I hold the breath for a few seconds and wait if the sound of  hundreds of Scourge Heavy Missiles hitting the stations cloning and fitting services will return.

I quickly risk a look at my pad. Only 67 pilots are reported to be in system – that can’t be the hostile fleet anymore who has been sieging the system and especially this station for more than eight hours now. Outside of my apartment I hear people running and hectically speaking.

Pilots getting back to their hangars to report for duty. The last remaining civilist trying to catch one of the escorted shuttles evacuating the station down to a minimum of staff which is  needed to run this place.

I activate my window and can see a shield maintenance bot flying by – our carrier fleet seems to be undocking already to repair the damage once again. I stand up to take a look what was happening outside. I already see the first bunch of Thanatos class carriers moving around the station to get into position to repair the services. The first Drakes undocking and directly warping to a new secure assembly point.

I make me my daily amarrian tea, sign into the security system of the alliance I am helping here fighting a bunch of angry pilots who not only claim to have ancestors on this steeped in legends planet “earth” who lived in Russia but also claim that this is their space and their station.

Intel channels are reporting what I was already afraid of: The fitting service has taken that much damage, that it can’t operate anymore. That are really bad news, as my Harbinger really needs a few more modules, which I couldn’t aquire on the market yet.

The market is dying. The last days of fighting, the siege of the station and therefore the high risk for traders and industrialist to resupply, have let to the situation that stores are shrinking and two very important shield modules for my ship havn’t been available anymore.

While drinking my tea I try to find out what happened the last eight hours while I was sleeping and taking a break as I couldn’t do anything. The station has been bubbled and sieged by a fleet of about 150 pilots, fast tacklers and bombers just waiting outside to get easy (stupid) targets and we only had about 40 pilots availabe to counter this attack – no chances to do anything then.

We could only wait for them to leave or to clone-jump out of this station. But there is no reason to give up this space. Well – not yet. But for now I have to take care of my problem how to get into a ship again, which can fight those “angry russians”. I will continue this diary later on – I am sure there will be plenty of time to do so, when I am back in fleet again and waiting for an opportunity to arise to fight back.


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Charlotte and Barachan are a married couple living in Eve. On this blog they write a diary about what they experience as two people who start exploring the possibilities and threads of Eve.


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