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New orders

Author: Barachan Otaared 

Just a short notice: Yeaha – today was a awesome day! I was on my way back to my apartment, after my theory lesson in the afternoon was over and suddenly my pad started to blink. Three new mails in my inbox. I opened the door to my apartment, connected my pad to my home-system, jumped on my bed an activated the lovely voice of my ‘personal digital assistance’.

I listened to the voice, which was reading the mails and I was pleased with this good news. My corporation announced three upcoming big fleet operations within the next week. Let’s get ready to rumble …


My second fleet operation within 0.0

Author: Barachan Otaared

I have joined SCE a few weeks ago and at the moment I am doing nothing else than improving my combat pilot abilities. And this morning it was time again to make another step further in this direction: A fleet commander from our mother corporation SCI organized once again a training cruiser OP for us combat pilot rookies.

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