In the line of fire

Author: Charlotte Otaared

After I had decided to leave Amarr, I connected to the stations mainframe and sent out the order to get my shuttle ready for undocking. After that I changed my passwords for all the hangars we have rented for our business, canceled all my outstanding contracts, deleted my buy-orders from the market and then went over to the cabins at the docking bay, where you get yourself ready for the pod.

I got my pod-suite dressed and took my emergency-bag out of my personal locker. In this bag I have everything needed for an emergency escape – Barachan forced me to pack this bag before he left to low-sec. When he told me to do that, I thought this was an silly and paranoidal idea – because I am not in war with anybody – I don’t kill people and I am not a threat to anybody …. so I don’t have any real enemies … but maybe I underestimated the situation.

Leaving Amarr

My pod connected to my shuttle, the berth crane has done it’s job and in this moment my camera-drones launched and I was able to see again. The docking-bay was packed with ships and a lot of ships were still coming in. I thought that one of the ships have already been assigned for my position in the bay and then I left the station behind me, aligned for the outgoing stargate and warped out.

I haven’t had left the station for more than about three months and – even if I don’t like to be in the pod – I was a kind of happy to be back in space. I arrived at this first jump-gate, which was packed with freighters and industrials, applied for a jump and got my position in queue. Number 23 … well, it’s still faster then getting out of Jita.

Jita was my final destination for this flight … I must admit, that after my talk with this stranger I really panicked and maybe my decision to leave the station immediately was an overreaction. But – to see it positive. I haven’t been to Jita for a long time now, and I thought that maybe it’s a good idea to go there to compare prices anyway. And maybe I would get in touch with new haulers, which are planning to operate from Amarr too.

And … that’s the most important aspect of my decision: I have one very very good old friend in Jita – and I wanted to speak with him, because I guessed he could help me how I have to handle the whole situation.

But the situation escalated on my way to Jita a lot

I had done about three or four jumps and of course a lot of people are flying the pipe between Amarr and Jita every day – but one ship got my attention, because it behaved conspicuous: at one gate (can’t remember which one exactly) I didn’t applied for the jump instantly, because I was checking the mail from Barachan, and therefore I jumped through the gate about 10 minutes later.

And on the other side of the gate, the name of the ship I had seen before on my overview was still there and it seemed to wait for me. I aligned for the next gate and could see that it did the same. I warped to the next gate and then decided to change my destination. I didn’t jumped through and instead I aligned for a different stargate.

Only two jumps away there is a system, in which Barachan and I have been training to create safespots in our early days as pilots and I had the plan that maybe I could use that grid of safespots to get rid of that guy. I honestly got pretty nervous and asked my self, if that guy is maybe this scout from the station, I have been talking to – and even before I reached the next stargate and I had him on my scanners again, and knew that he was still following me.

The ship was an assault frigate – a Hawk. In the moment I entered the final system, in which I have numerous safespots, I warped directly to the first one and activated my directional-scanner again.

Now the paper chase had begun.

If he really wants to follow me he first would try to find me on a stargate or a station with his scanner. But he soon will notice, that I am not at any, but that I am still in local. After this he will start looking at the planets, moons and belts … and in this system there are a lot of them. So I thought that it was a great place to hide.

I estimated that I have about five to ten minutes until he would have noticed, that he can’t find me, because I am jumping between safespots. I will have to wait, until I am sure, that he will be scanning the belts and then I have to move very quickly. I wanted to use one of the five stargates, without that he notice which I use. The plan was good, but than happened something totally unexpected.

A Manticore uncloacked only about 15 kilometers away from me and started to target me – 10 seconds later the Hawk warped in. I was shocked – he wasn’t alone but had a covert-ops with him and they found me with a probe – I zoomed to the Manticore and could see the fitted probe launcher – this tiny nasty probe had destroyed my plans.

But why the hell they targeted me? We were in high-sec (0.7) and they would be idiots if they try to attack me, because then Concord would show up within seconds and will blow them up. I was sure, the wouldn’t attack me at all and came to the conclusion, that they only wanted make me afraid …

I aligned for the next safespot and thought, that they can’t carry enough probes to find me over the next hours and so I will jump from safespot to safespot until they run out of probes and have to dock or maybe they just give up.

But then it happened: The Manticore scrambled me and the Hawk opened fire on me. What the hell were they doing? I panicked again and when I realized that they could easily kill a shuttle BEFORE Concord will show up in 0.7, I suddenly came up with the idea, that they maybe knew, that my clone was in Amarr (that I wear implants worth a few hundret million ISK) and maybe there only goal was to kill me, because they knew, that I would wake up in my clone in Amarr.

They wanted to detain me to leave Amarr and to achieve they goal the accept to get podded from concord as well. Then everything went pretty quickly. My shuttle exploded within seconds, my pod got targeted and in the moment Concord showed up, they killed me. That was they very first time, that I have ever been killed and had to use my clone.

I am sitting in a trap. I am again in Amarr and somebody wants, that I don’t go anywhere …


1 Response to “In the line of fire”

  1. 1 General Vordon February 2, 2008 at 6:33 pm

    SUSPENSE!!!!!! and i hate losing implants 😦

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Charlotte and Barachan are a married couple living in Eve. On this blog they write a diary about what they experience as two people who start exploring the possibilities and threads of Eve.


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